Oberlin Modeling Initiative LogoIn 2008, I became part of an interdisciplinary collaboration of Oberlin scholars interested in modeling. this included Richard Salter (computer science), Dan Stinebring (astronomy), Michael Loose (neuroscience), Ellis Tallman (economics), and Al Boroni (OCTET).  This project had two major goals.  First, it provided support for Rich Salter to successfully develop NOVA, a novel software platform for a range of computational models.  Second, we were instrumental in integrating computational modeling in undergraduate courses in more than eleven different departments at Oberlin.  Over the course of the grant, I moved from a novice modeler, attending sessions solely as a learner, to a presenter.  During this time, several of my courses integrated modeling as a tool to compliment our understanding of developmental science.

We were very fortunate in having the constant support of Tony Starfield in developing our work as well as visits from other modeling exerts, such as Michael Hanna.