As a developmental psychologist and as a person, I’ve always been fascinated by how we are shaped by experience.

A rich life encompasses many roles. Here are some of mine.


Professor of Psychology, Oberlin College

As a member of the Oberlin College Psychology Deptartment, my goal is to provide students with the challenge and support they need to thrive as developing persons. I see my roles as a researcher into adolescent development and my role as a professor completely complimentary. The goal of both is to foster growth and positive development – one through understanding, the other through practice. I teach introductory and advanced research methods and adolescent development.

Founder, 1step2life, ltd.

My life changed in 2013 when my younger son developed severe chronic migraines. In just months he changed from a healthy happy teen to a child cringing under the covers – hiding from light or sound and doing anything to escape constant grueling pain. 1step2life is the company that grew out of that experience. Combining cutting edge rehabilitation and development science, it helps people living with severe pain take back their lives and supports their parents and loved ones as effective coaches.

Editor in Chief, Journal of Adolescence

The Journal of Adolescence is, to my knowledge, unique among scientific journals. It was founded by FPSA, a charitable foundation based in the UK that supports the continuing education and professional development of mental health and service professionals working in the UK. As a peer-review scientific journal, we strive to publish high quality and innovative research. JoA has a strong international presence and work hard to disseminate research from researchers around the world.

Thinking About Kids, Psychology Today

As a blogger for Psychology Today, I have the opportunity to share more informal thoughts and musings about the intersection of psychology and life. I have treasured the opportunity to write about puppies, teenage lying, confidence intervals, and gardening. I am flattered that more than 4.3 million readers have at least glanced at what I have to say.