The hardest thing I have ever done is watch my son in pain.

Nancy Darling

As a developmental psychologist who has studied parenting on five continents, I can tell you a lot about raising teenagers. But nothing prepared me for watching my son shaking under the covers flinching from the light, and unable to speak from pain.

In this book, I take all of the tools of my trade as a psychologist and as a mother and talk honestly about raising a child living with pain. I talk about getting him to school, the honest anger I feel when well-meaning people tell me it’s ‘all for the best’, and what is meant – and not meant – when doctors talk about ‘accepting’ pain. (Hint: it doesn’t mean giving up.)

Available through Amazon for $2.99 or free through Kindle Unlimited.

Nancy Darling is Founder of, an app supporting those in chronic pain and their families.