SRA 2023

Nancy Darling


Download Darling, N. (April, 2023). Modeling Cancel Culture: Mental Modeler As A Conceptual Tool To Generate Hypotheses & Improve Research Design & Analysis. Presented at the Society for Research in Adolescence Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA.

This project began in the Advanced Methods in Adolescent Development course taught in Spring 2022. Students performed all interviews and literature reviews and were invaluable throughout the process. I want to thank Alex Blosser, Julia Blotner, Alita Boyse-Peacor, Julie Caffrey, Athena Greaves, Shayla Keegan, Aishwarya Krishnaswamy, Sarah Mia Liberatore, Monte Montero, Audrey Morrow, Drew Packs, Batian Pienaar, Allison To, Mia Woo, Chloe Yanoviak.

You can try Mental Modeler here.

You might also enjoy other papers I’ve written on modeling:

  • Darling, N. & Burns, I.R.D. (2023). How Does Cross-sectional Sampling Bias Our Understanding of Adolescent Romantic Relationships?: An Agent-Based Simulation. Journal of Adolescence. 95 (2), 296-310, DOI:
  • Darling, N., Salter, R. M., & Burns, I.R.D. (2020). NOVA: A novel tool for collaborative agent-based and dynamic systems modeling. In W. F. Porter, J. Zhao, L. Schmitt Olabisi, & M. McNall (Eds.), Innovations in Collaborative Modeling. Lansing, MI:Michigan State University Press (29-46).
  • Darling, N. & Burns, I.R.D. (2019). Matching methods to theory: Using dynamic systems models to understand nested systems of adolescent development. In. S. Kunnen (Eds.) Psychosocial Development in Adolescence: Insights from the Dynamic Systems Approach. Abington:Routledge Press.